Ownership Info

The first step in owning your own football club 

Below are the details of how our ownership scheme works, some common questions that come up from our fans and also details about how to own your own share in Lewes Football Club.

Why fan ownership?

As we all know, most football clubs up and down the country are privately owned organisations with wealthy investors plugging large funding holes with their own cash. As Lewes FC found out in 2010, and what many clubs are discovering today, no matter how big they are this is a rather unsustainable business model that has seen some clubs cease to exist.

In 2010, Lewes FC were less than 24 hours away from this reality, until a local groups of fans, calling themselves Rooks125, transformed the club into a Community Benefit Society, thereby allowing fans of the club to become owners themselves. We believe that thousands of fans owning an equal share is more sustainable, not to mention appropriate, way of doing things.

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How much does a share cost?

£40 per year (In order for us to become sustainable, we need owners to renew annually).

Some people have paid £1,000 for their share. This buys you Lifetime Ownership of Lewes FC. You become what we call a ‘Grander’. Your share is worth the same as any other share but it doesn’t have to be renewed annually. To show our appreciation of your generosity we will send you two season tickets as a thank you. If you’re interested in being a Grander, please get in contact Stuart@lewesfc.com.

What do I get?

OK. For a minimum of £40 annually you get:

  • Lewes FC share certificate.
  • ‘Owner’ badge
  • The weekly Rook e-newsletter (please tick the option on the form).
  • The right to vote and stand for the Board of Lewes Community Football Club.
  • Your name on our list of owners on our website and in the club programme (unless you don’t want it there).
  • Lewes FC ‘Support & Save’ card giving you exclusive discounts at more than 60 local shops and businesses.

How many shares can I buy?


No one can own more than one share in Lewes FC, no matter how much money they put in.

Our system is, ‘one owner, one share, one vote’. This is to protect the club from being bought by one unscrupulous owner. There are quite a few doing the rounds we believe.

However, you are welcome to buy a share for someone else too; a friend, a family member or even a child (though they won’t have voting rights until they are 16). Just enter whatever name you want to be listed as the shareholder in the ‘name’ box, just up there on the right of this page.

Any share you buy will be valid for a year from the date you apply.

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Still not convinced?

It’s a great way to support all the work that Lewes Football Club does.

It’s not just about the First Team. We have a very successful Ladies team who compete in the Premier League and a fantastic  Under 18’s team. Maybe one of your kids already attends an after-school session or football club run by the Rooks in the Community?

Your support will enable us to continue our work with local kids, such as our hugely popular ‘Kids Go Free’ policy – It’s what it says: anyone under the age of 16 gets in free to our home league games.

Lewes FC are the only supporter owned football club in Sussex. We believe in the principle of supporter owned clubs.  We believe we should be an asset at the heart of the community not a closed shop run by one or two shadowy figures in the board room.

Buying a share in our club will help us grow and thrive and make our plans possible.

But I don’t even like football

There are many benefits to becoming an owner of Lewes FC even if you have no desire to come and watch the mighty Rooks in action on a match day. Not to mention the eye catching owners badge and share certificate you receive upon joining, you also receive an exclusive Lewes FC ‘Support and Save’ card that entitles you to AMAZING discounts in and around the Lewes area. Look at how much you could be saving at all these places:

PLEASE NOTE: Your Support & Save discount cannot be used in addition to any other offer the retailer may also be running - that wouldn't be fair would it?

Ready to join us? Just hit the big red button at the bottom of this page.

Some legal stuff you should read

Firstly, this is not an investment and there is no return on or of the money that you put in.

Lewes Community Football Club Limited is registered as a Community Benefit Society which means that (like a company) (1) it is a legal entity in its own right, independent of the owners and (2) the liability of owners is limited to the value of their nominal £1 shareholding (which will be taken at the time of joining out of the £40).  Any claim arising from the activities of the Society will therefore be a claim against the Society not the owners.  If the Society were to become insolvent, the owners would lose their £1 stakes but could not be called upon to contribute further.”

In short, buying the share doesn’t lay you open to any responsibility or liability.

For our Rules for Lewes Community Football Club Limited (Registered under the Industrial and Provident Societies Acts 1965 – 78) click here.