Volunteers - team rook

Can you spare some time to help at Lewes Football Club and be on our 'Team Rook'?


If you want to help your Club on match days or behind the scenes generally, come and join the merry band of volunteers who give their time and skills to make match days run smoothly, and keep the Pan safe and shipshape in between matches. We depend and rely on our volunteers and value them greatly. You can many or as few matches as you can- every contribution helps.


We’re looking for match day volunteers for all our sides, including:


Turnstile Operators- selling tickets through the turnstiles ahead of kick-off

Fundraisers- helping to sell Ownerships, raffle tickets and Golden Goal tickets

Boardroom Hospitality- making and serving tea to the VIP’s, visitors and Directors- a great way to get an insight behind the scenes and hear stories from other clubs


It’s not just on match days that we need your help- there’s loads more that goes on throughout the week and your expertise and knowledge can help us save the cost of hiring contractors.


Jobs include (but are not limited to):


Grounds – clearing the grounds of rubbish, sorting for recycling

Gardening – clearing weeds in the areas around the pitch

Repairing or Replacing Woodwork/Fencing

Electrical Work and Repairs

Painting and Decorating


Outside of match days we would love to hear from people who can work with our Community Team and help to raise our commercial income from advertisers & sponsors- we need your contacts to help us boost our revenues and make the Club the best it can be.


You can find out more, or offer to volunteer, by contacting club Director John Peel on john@lewesfc.com