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We need your support.

We are one of just a handful of clubs that is 100% owned by its fans and local community. And our not-for-profit company status means you can be sure that every penny or dollar that our fans, owners and sponsors put in stays in the club.

We believe that football isn't just a 'product'. It can entertain but it can also help bring communities together and bring about genuine social change.

To do this, we believe that thousands of fans owning an equal share in their club is a more equitable and sustainable way of doing things.

And we're asking YOU to be the next owner of our club – for just £30 a year. Or you can even buy a share as a gift for someone else.

Or.. you can even buy a Lifetime Share, right here.

How Many Shares Can I Buy?

One. Our system is ‘one owner, one share, one vote.’ This is to protect the club from being bought by one unscrupulous owner. But you can buy a share for a friend or a family member (although kids won’t have voting rights until they are 16). Just enter your name (or the name of the person you’re buying for) in the ‘name’ box on the form below. Any share you buy will be valid for a year from the date you apply.

(NB: This is not an investment and there will be no return on or of the money you put in.)

Lewes Community Football Club Limited is registered as a Community Benefit Society which means that (like a company) (1) it is a legal entity in its own right, independent of the owners and (2) the liability of owners is limited to the value of their nominal £1 shareholding (which will be taken at the time of joining out of the £30).  Any claim arising from the activities of the Society will therefore be a claim against the Society not the owners.  If the Society were to become insolvent, the owners would lose their £1 stakes but could not be called upon to contribute further.”

In short, buying the share doesn’t lay you open to any responsibility or liability.

What you'll receive: 

  • Lewes FC Share Certificate
  • Official Lewes FC ‘Owner’ badge
  • The right to vote and stand for the Board of Lewes Community Football Club
  • Owner card (that also acts as a discount card in over SIXTY Lewes stores). 
  • Participation in a football revolution

If you want, you can add a small annual donation to your ownership fee. Or even buy a LIFETIME ownership. Whatever you choose to do, will make a difference to the work we're doing.

Here's a copy of our governing Rules.

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