Lewes FC Boys U15


12th Man Fund

Lewes FC runs on tight playing budgets. Sometimes a player comes up who is just beyond our financial reach. And that's where YOU can make a difference. The 12th Man Fund is money that fans donate specifically to help us afford otherwise unaffordable players for our men's team.

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12th Woman Fund

Lewes FC Women enjoy an equal playing budget to our Men's First Team squad, but other requirements often pop up involving perhaps extra fitness or training support facilities/people for our First Team players. By contributing to the 12th Woman Fund you can help us to provide the best possible level of support for our women players.

Make a one off or recurring donation
Recurring Donation
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Our team have sessions every Friday between 8-10pm and also on Wednesdays between 7-8pm.
Skill is no barrier. This is a group of wide-ranging abilities.
As they say "If you're old enough, you're good enough'.

Our Men's Vets squad is SO cool that they've produced their own website.
Go to oldquality.com for information on how to join.